In the 1950's Eugene and Jean Davis Woodworth settled to the Patterson's Creek farm to raise their family.  There they began instilling in their family of two daughters, Patty and Carol, and one son, Richard.  Picnics and family outings with the food featured from the farm were common.  Summer days were spent outside on horseback, with the animals, or in the sweet smelling hay.  However, enough time was set aside to preserve the abundance of the summer harvest for the winter months to come.  During winter evenings the family gathered for dinner around the comfort of a large kitchen fireplace.  There were chores and tasks to complete...animals to feed and care for the crops to harvest.  In this life often the farm and animals needs were put above personal needs.  Lessons were learned, like putting others ahead of yourself, respect the benefits of hard work, animal care ethics, family morals, stewardship of the land, and where food comes from.

After high school, college, work away from the farm, and marriage the children all returned home to the farm with their individual talents and family farm values. 

For generations Patterson Creek Valley farmers have been living the land producting the finest safest home grown foods for their families.  Flying W Farms has been raising local Farm Fresh Food, "The Way You'd Expect."  FLYING W FARMS is an active family owned and operated diversified independent farm that has supported generations of family members engaged in mindful cultivation of the land, environmentally sound practices, and animal care ethics with a great level of respect and integrity.  We believe in local food and US Agricultural Products.  It might not be the quickest or least expensive method of production but our focus is producing local farm fresh food, "The Way You'd Expect".

​The Woodworth Family

We direct market our natural Angus beef produced from our herd of 200 angus brood cows.  We also feature local pork, brown eggs, seasonal sweet corn and a wide variety of vegetables and fruits-food that is produced with nature in mind in a sustainable fashion.  You can count on we are working our farms, "The Way You'd Expect"  - caring for our animals in a humane fashion and producing farm fresh vegetables and farm fresh meats for your table in a sustainable fashion.  Food that is good for you and your family.

We guarantee your satisfaction, freshness and quality.

Flying W Farms is a sixth generation family farm owned and operated by the Woodworth families.  In 1920 R. B. Woodworth moved from Pittsburgh to relocate in Burlington in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia also known as the Patterson's Creek Valley.  Let's finish the story with our current generation.